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My goal is to capture the faces of people in business in the Sutherland Shire, share their stories on social media and on this website, and shine a spotlight on the products and services available in our local community.

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Photography Project: Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business

Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business is my response to the impacts of Covid-19 on the businesses in our local community.

At a time when all local businesses were presented with challenges related to Covid-19, I decided that I would take positive action for my business and offer the opportunity to photograph the people in local business and promote them, their business and their stories on social media.

I launched this project in April 2020 by offering the package to 100 businesses for free. A value of $55,000 gifted to the local community.

I started photographing employers and employees from all over the Sutherland Shire, which I shared through the dedicated Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business Facebook and Instagram pages.

I  have now photographed over 220 local businesses, and I continue to connect with more businesses every week. Collectively, we have built an online community with more than 4,000 followers to the Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business Facebook and Instagram pages.

This personal photography project has become an integral part of my overall photography business, and I am excited to be able to include the project as part of my website. I welcome every single opportunity that I have to be able to spotlight each of the hardworking individuals in our community who continue to offer an enormous range of products and services.

If you’re part of a local business, I’d love to meet you for a photography session, learn more about you and your business, and discuss the opportunities that exist for me to be able to be part of your journey.

Whether you are a follower or a business that I capture, I welcome you to the Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business community!

'President Ave'


4 hour photo session

Up to 3 locations

30 x images (supplied in high and low resolution)

Online delivery

1 x social media ‘carousel’ post (Facebook & Instagram)

'The Boulevard'


2 hour photo session

1 or 2 locations

10 x images (supplied in high and low resolution)

Online delivery

1 x social media ‘carousel’ post (Facebook & Instagram)



30-minute photo session

1x location

3 x images (supplied in high and low resolution)

Online delivery

1 x social media ‘carousel’ post (Facebook & Instagram)

Case studies


“Sophie’s down to earth and friendly persona put me at ease from the beginning, creating a fun session with many laughs throughout. My session was a really enjoyable experience and I highly recommend Sophie B Photography.”

– Linda Hayes

“Sophie was amazing with both the quality of her photography and her ability to put me at ease during the photo shoot. I would highly recommend Sophie and look forward to engaging her services again in the future.”

– Lisa Hanlon

“She made me feel very comfortable and the photos are amazing. Thank you so much Sophie for taking the time to get to know me and understand my little business to ensure the photos represent how I would like my brand to be seen.”

– Tracey Hobbs, Glass and Brush

“Sophie was an absolute pleasure to work with. The Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business project promoted my business to the local community, helping with my brand recognition and created great engagement on my social pages.” 

– Joanne Foltman

Book a free 30 minute consultation

As our modern world demands businesses to have an online presence, quality accompanying imagery is increasingly essential.

I am open to discussing your requirements and how I can help provide imagery for all your marketing activities (e.g. website, e-commerce, socials, emails, newsletters, blogs etc).


What makes my business eligible?

To be part of this project, you need to be ‘open for business’ and based in the Sutherland Shire. If you are not sure if your business is eligible, feel free to send an email to

What time do you arrive?

I will discuss this with you when we make the booking, to ensure that I have space to park my car, set up and meet the staff and be ready to start shooting on time.

What should I wear for my photos?

I would recommend wearing what you would normally wear at work. I am completely aware that this is different for everybody. In today’s world, there is certainly no such thing as ‘normal’. Ultimately we want to photograph you, so, be you and I’ll capture exactly that!

How do I pose?

I will work with you to ensure you feel comfortable in your pose. I will speak with you and provide clear instructions on how to stand, where to look and so on. Everyone is different and my goal is to capture the best photo of you!

Do you have lighting and backdrops?

For the Sutherland Shire Open 4 Business photo sessions I generally keep things very simple and easy, so that I can capture you in your workplace in an authentic, genuine way. Each business is unique, and I’ll work with you on the day to capture a variety of images.

How do you deliver the photos?

Following each session, I select the ‘hero’ shots that will be available for you to download. If you would like to purchase additional photos, you can do so upon request.

When will I see the photos on social media?

I normally post the images over a 6 week period, depending on the number of images that I have to share. My goal is to post each business at a time during the week that is most relevant. If there is a specific timeframe that you’d like the images posted, we can always discuss this.

Do you collaborate with local businesses?

Yes, I certainly do. One of the very exciting outcomes of this photography project is that I am engaged with a number of businesses who are keen to continue to be promoted in a variety of ways. If you have something in mind, please let me know.